Ewart Art Prize

Ewart Prize 2022

Exhibition runs from 21st May to 4th June.

9.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday; 10am – 3pm 
Saturdays (unless stated otherwise) 
Closed Sundays & public holidays

Judge for 2022: David van Nunen OAM

Categories: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture and Other Forms (eg. photography, multimedia work, etc)

Overall Prize: $1,000 cash prize

List of Winners:

Overall Ewart Prize

Winner - Pearl Beach by Chick Gordon

Judges Comments: Evocative use of colour, adroit application of paint, variations in texture and good composition through the chromatic interplay in the verticals and diagonals.

Painting, First Prize

Winner - Between the Trees by Fiona Chaplin

Judges Comments: Proficient use of light in the trees to cohere the composition that is enhanced by the subtle gradations of colours and tones.

Painting, Highly Commended

Winner - Two Trees by Suzanne Alexander

Judges Comments: Very painterly brushstrokes and vivid colour animate the surface of this work, bringing it alive.

Drawing, First Prize

Winner - Working Harbour #1 by Peter Whitehead

Judges Comments: Skilful and emotive use of pastel and mixed media.

Printmaking, First Prize

Winner - Keeping an Ear Out by Nigel Gray

Judges Comments: Good contrasting use of dark and light tones.

Printmaking, Highly Commended

Winner - Morning Blackbird by Tania Castro

Judges Comments: Beautiful use of subtle shapes and colours to create a strong composition and sense of place.

Ceramics, First Prize

Winner - Blue Herring by Amy Edgar

Judges Comments:  Simple but strong form in this porcelain vessel featuring blue on off-white ground with a geometric pattern that holds the composition together and commands the viewer’s attention.

Sculpture, First Prize

Winner - That Makes Two of Us by Deborah Klinkhamer

Judges Comments:  Adept use of aerated concrete and cohesive simplified forms.

Other Forms, First Prize

Winner - Still Life by David Dixon

Judges Comments: The strong composition in the arrangement of shapes and objects, as well as the variety of media employed, combine to render this a compelling piece.

[Click here for the Ewart Prize 2022 Roomsheet](https://ish-oncourse-workshop.s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/b0ad5ef3-a6ae-4947-afc3-6a1209e6a969)